Happy Purim everyone! For those who are less familiar with the Holiday of Purim let me give you a brief introduction. The book of Esther records an amazing demonstration of G-d's redeeming power when He saves His Jewish People from total destruction. He does this by allowing a simple Jewish girl names Esther to become Queen of Persia. Because of Esther's courageousness, she endangers her own life in order to save the lives of her people, and Praise G-d, it worked! I know that was a very brief summery but if your interested, pick up a Bible and read the story for yourself (its not that long). 

There is a tradition that when celebrating Purim, you dress up in costumes! This tradition is based on the fact that Queen Esther hid her Jewish I identity until she saved the Jewish people. Also many other important characters in the Purim story disguise them selves with different costumes and garments during the events that unfold. Also the Book of Esther is the only book of the Bible that does not mention the Name of G-d. Seemingly G-d is not part of this story but one can clearly see that He is orchestrating every event in His divine plan. Because of these "disguises" throughout the story, we have a masquerade/costume party to remember the even though we may not recognize Him, G-d is always in control and working behind the scenes. 

The Biblical Bond Servant Agency
This year our family Purim costume theme was the Biblical Bond Servant Agency. Basically in Exodus 21, G-d lays out the instructions of the Hebrew Bond Servant. And in the Apostolic Scripture (New Testament) Shaul commonly refers to himself as "the Bond Servant of Messiah". So we though we would take it to the next level....James Bond style

1. Dad - Agent Alef; Chief Operations Agent & Team leader
2 Mom - Agent Bet; Expert Advisory Agent
3. Mena - Ms. Moneysheckel; Headquarters Adim Support
4. Jonathan - Agent Vav; Communications Tech (AKA, computer geek)
5. Michaela - Tzetlana Zayin - Tactical Operations (AKA Get 'R Done)
6. Andy - Agent Dalet - Spy Kid Extraordinaire 
7. Beny - Agent Tav - Spy Kid Extraordinaire