it's official, the youngest Upham kid has conquered the bicycle!  
A year and a half ago, Hashem blessed us with the opportunity to visit the Promised Land of Israel along with some friends of ours. Words can not even begin to describe the immense blessing the entire trip was! Upon returning to the States, we quickly realized that when you leave Israel, you leave part of yourself behind. We can't wait to go back and pick that part up again. B"H!

Here is a video that Jonathan made from our time in Israel. Enjoy!

- The Uphams
For our first blog post we just want to say, "We Are Blessed"! We decided to be that super nerdy homeschool family and get our own website. Hopefully it will be easier for our family and friends to stay in touch with us no matter how far apart we are from each other. We will try to post things like-
  • Recipes
  • Event reminders
  • Pictures and Videos
  • Torah and Bible teachings and drashes
  •  General musings from the Upham clan

Stay tuned with what's going on by checking back frequently. 
- The Upham Family